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                     "When musicians go "into the zone", they enter a field of
                     silence called The Space Between the Notes, from which the
                     soul informs the sounds of all they create.  Blue Light Floatation
                    IS the space that allows one to merge into the womb of silence and                                             weightlessness - and hear the music of one's Self."
                                                    - Michael Fitzpatrick, musician

                      "The emotion induced by Michael Fitzpatrick's music is so powerful it                                  seems almost verbalized.  His music brings deep feelings of peace..."
                                                   - His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama


"What a magical experience…the general feeling is an attenuation, at times almost a disappearing, of the body - a glorious confusion of proprioception, coupled with material heightening of sensitivity to the sounds of one's own life-force. …I floated in suspended animation, incorporeal, and listened to the reliable acceleration of my heartbeat upon inhale and slowing down at exhale…a nearly imperceptible changing of pace that completely filled the landscape of my perception for the 60 minutes I was in this tank. After some interval of time (the sense of which is also very confused) my mind became entranced and a dawning emerged that the origin of these life sounds…presumably this body I walked in with…has all but disappeared into some background of otherness…so I became observer and observed, outside any corporeal existence….and all that was left…was love. I suggest anyone with any interest in meditation or theta-seeking try sensory deprivation flotation. it may very well have changed my life today."

- Elena Gorelik, Investment Banker


“On occasion, I experience crippling back pain – once ending up in the hospital – and nothing seemed to help. Then I discovered Blue Light Floatation. One visit to BLF and I’m cured the next day. I believe it has something to do with the zero gravity atmosphere and therefore no pressure on what’s ailing me. Whatever it is, it works and has been a life saver for me for over a decade. Add to that the other beneficial “side effects” and the clean professional environment and it’s better than a spa treatment. Highly recommend!”

                                - Lisa Guinard, Business Analyst


"Floating at Sam's gave me the most relief of any modality -- including chiropractic, physical therapy and drugs-- when my back was in serious spasm recently.  I had  physical, mental and emotional relief and nurturing through the effortless floating in the zero-gravity environment. My back is 100% better now, and I plan to continue floating for the well-being I experience.  Blue Light Floatation is more than a business--the environment (and Sam's energy) promote peace, expansion and serenity."

                                - Dr. Patricia Simko, Psychoanalyst


"The floatation tank was all what we expected and more. Spencer and I felt very relaxed for the rest of the day, nothing seemed to bother us,  not even Manhattan's rush hour traffic! I'd say that's quite an accomplishment for the world's fastest talking woman and her son."

                             - Fran Capo, comedienne/writer/actress


"I just wanted to write a few words about my experience at your wonderful Float Spa. The words that first come to mind are comfort and security. As a woman, I was very concerned at first about going to a place I did not know...Sam's professional behavior and impeccable cleanliness reassured me immediately... as for the floating and the sauna I can only say Wow! They are both a great experience of rejuvenation to say the least."

                    - Lili Lambert, Opera Singer


"Thank God I found Sam Zeiger and the impeccable floatation experience his facility offers.  He has gone to great lengths to provide thermosatically controlled heating of water and air...perfect sound proofing, perfect light proofing, ozone purification of both water and air, a room with a normal ceiling instead of a claustrophobic, fiberglass coffin-like affair, well chosen music audible under water to gently signal the end of the float, a welcome glass of cold herbal tea to help me face the world again.
As for the floating experience itself, in decades of experience with massage and alternative therapies, floating has provided the deepest, most lasting relaxation and relief from stress, ongoing creative opening, and new levels of Spirit/body integration. 
His prices are very reasonable.  Without question weekly floating at Blue Light Floatation is one of the best investments I have ever made in my own well-being. 
I am grateful to be able to count on Sam to have everything ready and clean when I arrive, and to provide me with un-hassled privacy."

           - Maria P. Elliott, Author


"I started floating to aid in healing a herniated disc in my lower back. Blue Light Floatation has provided me with so much more than that. I am now floating and using the sauna regularly and not only find relief for my back pain, but have also gained an increased overall sense of calm and well being and even have been able to access some more clear insights about my life. The setting at Blue Light Floatation is perfect: no hassle, very private, quite and comfortable. The facilities are not only clean, but state of the art. I would (and do) recommend floating at Blue Light Floatation to anyone."

                    - Dafna Laurie, Web Designer


I have been floating at Blue Light for more than 10 years now. Being a fashion designer, I have found this the best way to de-stress my body and mind, and enhance my creativity. Whenever I have an important show, I make it a point to float regularly before. It has paid off tremendously for me. Everything is impeccably clean at Sam's place, and through the years I have sent many of my friends over to float... and they all loved it! It is a wonderful gift to give.

                            - Miguelina Gambaccini, Fashion Designer


I have been floating at Sam Zeiger's Blue Light Floatation on and off for ten years. Sam's courteous demeanor has always made me feel very comfortable and at ease. His professional attitude also manifests in the manner in which he keeps the floating environment. In short: Sam is a clean freak!  No matter how busy he is, I know that by the time I hit the tank, it will have been thoroughly cleansed.  Sam bombards the tank with ozone after every float session. He also insists that every floater thoroughly shower before floating.

Knowing Sam's professionalism makes my time spent at Blue Light stress-free. After-all, that is why I float, to relieve stress. I am a professional stock trader, and stress is part of the job. Floating at Blue Light has probably saved me from developing an ulcer, or worse. If I am able to float once a week, I notice that I remain much more calm, cool and collected at work.  Sam has recently added an INFRARED sauna to Blue Light. I experienced my first 30 minutes the other day. Wow, I was relaxed from the inside out. Floating after the sauna was incredible.

If you are looking to relieve the stress our hectic society bombards us with, I highly recommend Sam Zeiger's Blue Light Floatation. It's like taking a 2 week vacation in the middle of the week. Every time I leave there I know the experience has added to my well-being.


Christopher Hagan, Professional Stock Trader




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