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  • What is floatation and how does one float?
  • What is a Floatation Spa?
  • Who is floatation for?
  • What are the benefits of floating?
  • Health Hygiene and Water Maintenance

    1. What is Floatation and How Does One Float?

    Flotation TankWe know that people in other cultures have for centuries engaged in practices such as yoga and meditation in order to transcend physical and mental phenomena, and to realize the original state of consciousness in which nothing is happening. In this modern age, the same state of inner peace and clarity is available to people in our culture through the floating experience.

    Floating, which is effortless, essentially eliminates "practicing" at transcending. There is nothing to learn, nothing to do. Upon being in the floating environment, the body relaxes completely, the mind releases, and the consciousness is free to be in its original state, like a clear sky.

    Floating is lying down on one's back on a solution of water saturated with a high quality Epsom salt (MgSO4) about one foot in depth. The water is maintained at skin temperature (94F) and is soft and silky to the touch.

    Due to the high density of the solution, your body floats like a cork on the surface totally free from gravity in the floatation environment that is sound-proof and light-proof, offering a safe oasis where the stress and tensions of everyday life can be left behind.

    The feeling is as if you are floating out in space. The brain is free from all the functions of interpreting and processing light, sound, temperature and gravitational forces and sensations, leaving it to expand into ordinarily inaccessible areas. Thus, a wonderfully freeing and opening process begins to take effect, healing takes place more rapidly…learning is enhanced…problems are more easily solved…your cells are bathed in beta endorphins, the natural mood elevators and pain reducers in the body…a beautiful silence is experienced and a lightness of being that cannot be felt in any other way on Earth unfolds.

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    2. What is a Floatation Spa?

    The floatation spa at Blue Light has been custom designed for the safety and comfort of its users. Unlike the more traditional floatation tank where the floater enters a confined space through a hatch, the specially designed floatation spa at Blue Light is over 6 feet high, 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. The floater enters through a sliding door standing upright before lying down. The higher ceiling creates a more spacious and less humid environment.

    Once inside the spa, the floater controls light and sound from within. Although the essense of this experience is derived from the complete absence of light and sound, beginning floaters can ease themselves into this state free of fear, by having complete control. The spa is equipped with an underwater stereo system for those desiring music or learning tapes as an occasional option. Toward the end of each session, soft music is played as a gentle signal that the float is coming to an end.

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    3. Who is Floatation For?

    Floatation is for anybody of any age who wants to release themselves from the excess mental and physical stress caused by and overload of day-to-day external stimuli.

    Floatation rehabilitates overworked or injured muscles and joints, speeds recovery time, improves concentration, increases energy, opens channels of creativity, deepens meditation and aids in exploring expanded states of consciousness, as well as improving focus and memory.

    Floatation can enhance positive behavior modification efforts such as quitting smoking, conquering alcohol and drug addiction and controlling weight loss.

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    4. What are the Benefits of Floating?

    The floatation tank has been designed to minimize the effects of light, sound, gravity and touch. The reduced sensory input allows the mind to naturally take an inward journey towards its own peaceful and undisturbed state. This journey creates new levels of relaxation and awareness. Studies have shown that one hour of floatation produces enhanced "theta" activity of the brain, which correlates with deep states of relaxation. It has also been suggested that one hour of floatation rejuvenates the body as effectively as many hours of sleep or meditation. Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that regular use of floatation environments:

  • reduces stress, therefore preventing stress related disease
  • lowers blood pressure
  • cleanses the body of lactic acid and other body wastes
  • speeds healing
  • allows the mind to learn information more rapidly and comprehensively
  • relieves pain from injury and ailments
  • creates harmonious brainwave patterns
  • promotes hemispheric and whole brain integration
  • enhances creativity
  • is instrumental in eliminating addictive behavior

  • These and many other measurable effects last during the floatation period and for weeks afterward. The effects are cumulative.


    Stress produces harmful chemicals in the body, including excessive cortisol, adrenaline and ACTH (secreted up to 40x more in Type A personalities than Type B). These chemicals weaken the immune system. The deep state of relaxation reached during a float session reduces the buildup of these chemicals and enhances the body's homeostasis, or natural state of balance. Simply by floating once a week or once every few weeks, you can strengthen your body's immune system.

    Blue Light Floatation


    The buoyancy factor or antigravity effect gives the floater the feeling of total weightlessness. Inner peacefulness releases tension from the expression of the face and body. Many other inner changes, such as increased self-confidence, a sense of physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being can bring about a marked improvement in a person's posture, movement, speech and skin condition. Additionally, Epsom salts is known to have therapeutic properties helpful in eliminating body toxins, reducing bruises and pain in body joints.

    5. Health, Hygiene and Water Maintenance

    Dissolved in the tank is 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts. The salt maintains a bacteria-free environment that is a natural disinfectant. Water sample studies have shown that no pathogenic organisms of any kind (bacteria, virus, yeast, mold, etc.) exist in the solution. Additionally, the entire volume of tank water is filtered and injected with ozone between uses to maintain its pristine condition.

    Ozone, known to chemists as O3, is active oxygen, one of nature's basic elements. It is most commonly recognizable after thunderstorms by its sweet, fresh smell. Ozone is the safest, most effective water purifier available. It maintains water's soft, clean and crystal clear appearance, without adding harmful chemicals. After ozone does its job, it quickly reverts to oxygen.

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